Let's quickly consider the main reasons why you should buy in Egypt:

* Egypt has good weather all year round
* Lovely beaches in the Red Sea resorts
* Cheap and regular flights from the UK to the Red Sea resorts
* One of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide - ask Tony Blair!
* The Red Sea coastline has some of the best diving in the world and attracts experts and beginners alike
* Has a large selection of US and European 4- & 5-star hotels and restaurants
* Local people are tourism focussed


* Few investors have purchased there as yet.
* Most payment plans are based on Sterling or Dollars, so no currency risk
* No capital gains tax in Egypt
* Beachfront properties are available, and still at very competitive prices
* Prices of new builds are increasing at 20-30% per year.

* Egypt is an Islamic country which carries some risk. But a large percentage of their income is through tourism, which the Government is therefore focussed on encouraging
* Like the rest of the world, security measures have been put in place to reduce any risk
* Alcohol is available in tourist areas.
* Resorts have been catering for foreign visitors for decades due to diving and visitors to archaeological sites.

If you're thinking about investing in Egypt then you have probably already looked at other locations. Here are our thoughts on some of these

Western Europe

* Buy a beachfront apartment in France, Spain etc you will not get much change from 150k.

* These markets are mature and although there is less risk, there is also less reward.

Eastern Europe

* Bulgaria is an area you may well have looked at. You have probably seen a lot of articles recently in newspapers, discussing this market.You've also seen on the same pages many advertisements for property there.

* The sunny beach areas have already had massive development and there have been many reports of people unable to rent out their properties. If you had got into the market 3 years ago and sold after a year or two you would have made money. Now I would stay clear.

* Because the beach front apartments are oversubscribed, developers have now moved back towards the ski resorts in the mountains, like Bansko.

* Again if you had got into the game early, then you'd probably be looking to sell pretty soon.

* As ever this market has gone from nothing to seriously oversubscribed in a very short period of time. It appears this gap is closing more and more quickly as people are constantly looking for the next big thing.

Cape Verde Islands

* Tiny islands 6 hours flying time from the UK. Why would people want to travel here if they can go to somewhere closer, nicer and cheaperi.e.The Canaries, Tunisia, Morocco or Egypt.

So if you are still reading at this point I'll just round up our thoughts.

* Egypt is a country you have heard of and you will probably have friends or family who have been there.
* This is not a market that is going to be hot one year and then disappear the next.
* Egypt is a top player in the world as a holiday destination and has a proven track record of dealing with tourism, both recreational and cultural

You pay 120 for a one-week return flight from the UK to a Red Sea location.
On arrival in Egypt,you travel for 15 mins to your beachfront apartment
You relax on your balcony with a glass of wine
You eat at a reasonably priced restaurant or a nearby 4- or 5-star hotel
You then spend a week swimming, diving or sailing in the warmth of the Egyptian sun
There are limited places in the world you can still do this at a comparable price level

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